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Les coulisses, près du centre Georges Pompidou
Plan centre Pompidou, CNAM, marais, paris centre, 75003, paris 3
  L'Ambassade d'Auvergne
22, rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare
75003 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 72 31 22
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Guide Hubert. ELLE. Marc de Champerard. Le guide du Routard Paris. Lebey. Le bottin gourmand. Gault et Millau. Gault&Millau. GaultetMillau. Pudlo Paris. Petit Renaud. Jean-Luc Petitrenaud. Mes bons coups de fourchette. Petit Rabelais. Petit Fute. Guide Michelin. Paris des envies gourmandes. Paris revisited. Foodlover guide to Paris. Michelin de Poche. Les spécialités de l'Ambassade d'Auvergne... Auvergne et Aveyron, tout le terroir à travers les guides, les cochonailles, l'aligot, le salers, le chou farci... This inn, with its wooden beams and farm house tables, is the meeting place of all the Parisian Auvergnacs. Over the years it has become an institution where Fran/Boise Petrucci has taken over from her father with obvious pleasure. After a regional aperitif with a picturesque-sounding name, you can relish the cabbage soup with Roquefort or the cream of bean-pod soup with julienne of smoked bacon, settle down with the warm du Puy lentil salad, open up the Laguiole knife for the cured ham, which hangs from the ceiling in true rustic style, before getting down to more serious business: the pan-fried char lakefish in a crispy sorrel coating, the estofinado (codfish stew) with mixed salad, the Loz/(R)re roasted lamb with honey and bean fricassee, the Auvergne sausage or the cheek of pork preserve with deliciously stringy aligot (potato puree with garlic and cheese), the roasted farm-fresh chicken with tasty morel mushrooms, the farm-fresh pork hot-pot with braised cabbage. Everything on the cheese dish ,Aei superb- has the flavour of Auvergne: saint-nectaire, fourme d,AeoAmbert, laguiole, cabecous and picadous. The same goes for the cream trio of Auvergne flavours, the ,Aeohorn of plenty,Aeo of red fruits. The names of the wines: de boudes, chateaugay, chanturgue, c/Yentes-demillau and saint-pour/Bain, also take you on a trip round Auvergne. Add to all this a big helping of kindness and constant good humour, and you will understand why you can only be happy in this unpretentious, big-hearted embassy. Menu 28,C A la carte 33,C l,AeoAmbassade d,AeoAuvergne 22 rue du Grenier-Saint-Lazare. Tel : Fax http:// A LA CARTE: Leeks and dumpling with fourme d,AeoAmbert cheese 8,C Warm green du Puy lentils 9,C Cut of Salers beef with juniper berry wine 20,C Pigs,Aeo trotters tart and pureed potatoes with fresh time cheese and aligot 16,C Small slices of monkfish with herbs and green cabbage 19,C Proven/Bal codfish stew and mixed salad 15,C citrus supreme and sorbet with av/(R)ze alcohol 7,C 50 A wonderful example of regional cooking, perhaps unique in Paris and it has existed for 30 years. The region of Auvergne can be proud of the embassy where one can always find a marvellous cured ham and an estofinado (codfish stew) which is rare in Paris. Rustic setting on 2 floors. Our choice on 3 April: small snails with young nettle leaves and garlic cream flaky pastry parcel with stuffed cabbage ,Aei mashed potato with green Velay verbena. Bread: somewhat strange Wine list: extremely reasonable prices and wide range of superior quality regional wine Price: 43,C 50 for this meal with a half bottle of Marillac Menu at 28,C Open every day, all year round. Last orders 10.30 p.m Air conditioning. Private functions. Public underground car park at Beaubourg. Metro RambuteauAMBASSADE D,AeoAUVERGNE This inn in the heart of Paris with its ever rustic decor has managed to keep its soul in spite of the changing times. The food and traditions sing of Auvergne through and through. You can enjoy the wonderful products which come fresh from the region ,Aei lentils and succulent pork, cabbage soup, hot pots, sausages and aligot (mashed potato, garlic and cheese), and all sorts of food which is very filling, to be sure, but it is so authentic that you will never tire of it. Even the wine list is partly Auvergnac! A charming welcome from Fran/Boise Petrucci. Warm green du Puy lentil salad ,Aei best Loz/(R)re lamb in pie crust ,Aei farm-fresh cheek of pork preserve with aligot. Menu: 28,C . Open every day, all year round. * Seminars Fran/Boise Petrucci ,Aei 22 rue du Grenier-Saint-Lazare. Metro Rambueau Tel : Fax There is nothing ,Aeoold,Aeo about this embassy, even though it has been in existence for 40 years. It has always managed to stay up to date, both in the decor and the dishes, keeping the image of the Auvergne region as ,Aeufresh as a daisy,Aeu. The classic dishes are here, but always created according to the season and they are always being reviewed: cream of shell bean soup and julienne of smoked bacon, top skirt of veal with sugar peas, free-range chicken with morel mushrooms. If it happens to be your first visit, you must try the pork products, the codfish stew or the Salers beef. And this is definitely the place to eat a lentil salad. Even if you have to wait a little between courses, it doesn,Aeot matter because you forget about Paris in this simple, happy atmosphere where you lick your fingers between each mouthful. Elaborate, extensive wine cellar, with wines from Auvergne to the Languedoc regions. A la carte: 31,C Menu : 28,C Open every day until 10 pm Menu: 27,C . A la Carte: 40,C Air conditioning Here is the best value for money in this district, and (almost) nowhere else. In this town-based country inn, Fran/Boise Petrucci proves once again that it,Aeos possible to be both wise and good! The recipe for her success? A warm, friendly welcome, an authentic, rustic setting and very attentive service. The products are carefully selected from Auvergne,Aeos green hills and crystal clear streams. Lentils, cheeses, Cantal beef, farm-fresh pork and Laguiole trout are just some of the ingredients used to make wonderful, filling dishes. The Chef Frederic Farrret, who worked under Yves Camdeborde and Jean-Marie Amat, learned to cook the regional products with respect and good judgment. In the charming, antique setting with wooden beams and farmhouse tables, the warm lentil salad, the cabbage and Roquefort cheese soup, the scallops in broth and young vegetables, the Salers beefwith juniper berry red wine and the Auvergne hot-pot with braised cabbage, will warm and cheer you. The cheese dish is just as seductive: fourme d,AeoAmbert, saint-ectaire, laguiole, picadou, cabecon, would make an excellent meal in themselves. But don,Aeot forget the desserts. The sweet chestnut charlotte and the cream trio with flavours from Auvergne will convince you to continue. Especially since this is one of the rare quality restaurants open on a Sunday. Open every day for lunch and dinner until 10.30 pm. Menu at 28,C A la carte around 30,C Cuisine from the Auvergne region now has an embassy, and this is not surprising, given the huge variety of dishes from this area. In a rustic, inn-style decor, enjoy specialities from the Massif Central: the famous aligot (pureed potatoes with cheese and garlic), warm green du Puy lentil salad, aligot sausage,farm-fresh pork hot-pot with braised cabbage, Salers beef fillet, duck liver foie gras, or Laguiole profiteroles. Such a choice will make your mouth water and you,Aeoll look forward to meal times with pleasure. To whet your appetite before your next holidays in Aveyron, why not have a glass of red or white Saint ,AeiPour/Bain? Boutin Gourmand 2005 : All the charm of a traditional country inn, under the expert management of Fran/Boise Petrucci, who puts together all the best produce which comes straight from the Auvergne, and has been carefully selected to guarantee you will enjoy high quality cuisine. Impeccable service and a hearty welcome also guaranteed.

Salad of warm (green) lentils from Le Puy ,Aei best Aveyron lamb served with aligot (mashed potato, Tomme cheese, garlic) ,Aei ice-cream ,Aeuparfait,Aeu made with Salers plums. Menu: 27 ,C .
Open every day, all year round.
Lebey 2005 : A la carte:- Fine pastry tart of pigs,Aeo trotters with walnut oil, 9 ,C . Cabbage and Roquefort soup, 8.50 ,C . Tender lamb fillets with thyme, served with puree of Jerusalem artichokes, 21 ,C . Pansettes of veal with mustard and saffron, 15 ,C . ,AeuEstofinado,Aeu (cod stew) and green salad, 15 ,C . Papillote of John Dory fish with cumin, 18 ,C . Ice-cream ,Aeuparfait,Aeu made with Salers plums 7.50 ,C . Dessert creams ( a selection of 3 local flavours), 7.50 ,C .

For over 25 years this restaurant has always provided high quality service and genuine traditional cuisine from the Auvergne, whether it,Aeos your ever popular cured ham or the famous sausage with aligot (mashed potato, cheese, garlic). Only one thing has changed: today the local wines on the list are better quality. The rustic decor is in keeping with the rest, and you can be sure of a really warm welcome.

Our choice, 22nd August: cured ham and various types of cold pork , sausage and aligot, chocolate mousse, Bread: a bit strange. Wine list: an almost complete list of 12 Auvergne wines at magical prices (14 ,Aei 16 ,C per bottle)
Price: 47.50 ,C for the above meal, including one half bottle of Boudes 2002.
Set menu(s): 27 ,C , including wine and coffee.

Open every day, all year round. Orders till 10.00 p.m.
Air conditioning. Private functions.
Public underground car park at Beaubourg. Metro ,AeuRambuteau,Aeu
Pudlo 2005 : Go and visit the Auvergne, and discover loyalty, craftsmanship, generosity and reasonable prices in this authentic country style restaurant in the heart of the capital. Fran/Boise Petrucci is its charming Ambassador, and her carefully chosen decor will transport you straight to the Cantal and the Velay. The wooden beams and old farmhouse tables date back to a time when conviviality was not the fashion. The ingredients come from the green hills and the crystal clear streams of her region. Frederique Farret, the chef, who has worked with Yves Camdeborde and Jean-Marie Amat - true representatives of the South West ,Aei knows how to coax lentils, creamy cheeses, Cantal beef, free-range pigs and Laguiole trout. You,Aeoll love the way he makes you a real aligot in no time, and brings it bubbling to your table. We also highly recommended: warm salad of green Le Puy lentils, cabbage and roquefort soup, scallops with young vegetables, Salers steak with Juniper wine, Auvergne stew with braised cabbage. If you can't manage much more after that, but you like chestnut charlotte and cheese, you'll be hard put to choose. They are both an excellent way to round off a good meal. On the cheeseboard, Fourme d'Ambert, St Nectaire, Laguiol, Roquefort, choice picadous or cabecous also speak proudly for their region. Friendly atmosphere and professional service. NB This year the restaurant has been awarded a ,Aeomarmite,Aeo (casserole) as it has always lived up to its moto of ,Aeogood value for money,Aeo. Champerard 2005 : Open all week. Last orders 10 p.m.

A little corner of the real Auvergne right in the heart of Paris. This is a love affair. Most of the 'embassy' clientele are Auvergnats, which is always a good sign. And this restaurant certainly lives up to its name. Below its timbered ceilings you will find a stylishness which proves that this Ambassador from the country can teach Parisians a thing or two. Indeed, Fran/Boise Petrucci has done an excellent job, relaying her father. At mealtimes, out come the famous Laguiole knives, ready for a good tuck into the specialities for which the region and this restaurant are renowned. After your aperitif - chosen from the list of intriguing names like ratafia, Aurillac pelou , poutou and verbena pastis, enjoy the cabbage and roquefort soup.After that you will have trouble deciding between the warm salad of green Le Puy lentils, cured ham (some of it hanging above your head !), cold meats from Parlan, saffron monkfish casserole, cabbage and pork ,Aeumillefeuille,Aeu, ,Aeoestofinado,Aeo (cod stew) and green salad, tender lamb fillets with thyme, pureed Jerusalem artichokes, Auvergne sausage with its deliciously sticky aligot (mashed potato, Tomme cheese, garlic), Segala veal cutlet with ,Aeumaize,Aeu beans, braised knuckle of pork with sage, pork stew with braised cabbage, Salers steak with Juniper wine. All the cheeses on the board have an Auvergne or Rouergue accent: st nectaire, fourme d'Ambert, laguiole, cabecous and picadous. So have the desserts: creams with local flavours, chestnut charlotte, ice cream ,Aeoparfait,Aeo made with Salers plums. The names of the wines also take us on a journey round the region: Boudes, Ch/cteaugay, Chanturgue, C/Yentes-de-Millau and St Pour/Bain. A region well represented by its ambassadors Frederic Farret, the chef, and Fran/Boise Petrucci, the manageress. But no need for diplomacy where good humour and excellent service reign. And to add to your pleasure, you could bump into Robert Sabatier or some other famous or less famous ,Aeoexile,Aeo from the Auvergne. Menu: 28 ,C . A la carte: 32 ,Aei 40 ,C

Jean S. Bach