Laissez-vous tenter par la carte de notre restaurant
Une cave de qualité à deux pas du CNAM
Boutique du terroir, proche du Centre Pompidou.
La presse parle de notre restaurant en centre de Paris
Guides dont notre restaurant ouvert dimanche fait partie.
Réservez dans notre restaurant avec salons une table conviviale
Nos coups de coeurs
Visitez le restaurant près du CNAM
Les coulisses, près du centre Georges Pompidou
Plan centre Pompidou, CNAM, marais, paris centre, 75003, paris 3
  L'Ambassade d'Auvergne
22, rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare
75003 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 72 31 22
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 Duck liver terinne  18 €  ( see photo )

 Ham from Auvergne  17 €  ( see photo )

 Green Lentils Salad with Bacon  9 €  

 PheasantTerrine with Walnut Cake and Dried Fruits  9 €  

 Pig's Feet with Parsley, Garlic and Lentils  9 €  

 Sea Bass Tartare with Coriander and Leeks  12 €  

 Swiss Chard and Prunes Cake with Salad  8 €  

 Jerusalem aritchoke Creamy Soup with Sage  8 €  

 Country Sausage & Aligot with mashed potatoes
and Laguiole cheese, garlic
  18 €  ( see photo )

 Pan-fried Pavé of Beef with Beef Marrow and Salt Flower  24 €  ( see photo )

 Pork Knuckle with Spicy Caramel  19 €  

 Blood Sauge with Chestnut and Apples  18 €  

 Roast Duck Breast with aligot  19 €  ( see photo )

 Stew veal with Blue Cheese  20 €  

 Fillet of Pheasant with Braised Cabbage  23 €  

 Pan Fried Scallops and Mashed Pumpkin  23 €  

 33 €

Green Lentils Salad with Bacon
or Swiss Chard and Prunes with Salad
Jerusalem Artichoke Creamy Soup with Sage


Roast Duck Breast with Aligot
Blood Sausage with Chestnut
or Country Sausage with Aligot


Chocolate Mousse
or Avèze, Orange Flower Flavour and Verbena Cream
or Biscuit with Chestnut

All our meats carefully selected by our chef come from breedings of our region.

All the fruits and vegetables are simply fresh.

With the wish to please your papillae.

Jean S. Bach